Dani exceeded expectations!!!

Choosing Dani as my doula was the best decision I could have made! Dani truly cares about her clients and she is always available and prepared with information and resources to help along the way. She is the kind of person you can trust during the sacred moment of bringing a baby earth-side. Dani provided support during pregnancy, labor and postpartum like a close personal friend. Her services are worth every penny and much more! Even when unexpected things happen during pregnancy and birth, her support has made the difference in healing and feeling uplifted as a mother should. Thank… Read more “Dani exceeded expectations!!!”

Melisa Traferri

Dani is the real MVP!

Dani is the real MVP! I was anti-doula when we had our first kid. I didn’t really know what a doula was and I didn’t like the idea of a stranger going a long the journey with us. I thought that a nurse was sufficient. With our second kid, I felt like I would be that much more experienced the 2nd time around. I also didn’t understand the value of what someone else could bring since we had taken a few classes, and I personally was an athletic coach as my profession. I felt like I could do everything a… Read more “Dani is the real MVP!”


I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dani!

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dani! Both my husband and I had been skeptic to hire a doula, but research during my pregnancy lead me to believe that a doula would help me have the birth experience I wanted.  Fortunately, Dani had an opening for me, despite the fact that I was only a couple of weeks away from my due date. I’ll forever be grateful she did! Dani was personable, professional, compassionate and kind. She was easy to talk to, and genuinely fun to be around. During labor she anticipated needs I didn’t know I had and… Read more “I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dani!”

Whitney T

Highly Recommend! Best choice I could have made!

As soon as we found out we were pregnant the anxiety began to set in. I was absolutely terrified of everything that was to come. My cousin recommended us getting a doula, and although it took some convincing my husband, he agreed to sit down with Dani. I absolutely loved her from the start. We met up with her pretty early on in pregnancy and I’m so grateful we did! She has so much knowledge, and was completely unbiased and understanding of our wishes. She eased every anxiety and worry I could have possibly had. When it came for the… Read more “Highly Recommend! Best choice I could have made!”

Josie Sunderland


I have never really heard of Doulas or knew what they did until Dani. All I can say is WOW! My daughter never knew if she even wanted to give birth because it absolutely terrified her. She also suffers greatly from severe anxiety and depression. When her and her husband found out that they were pregnant they searched out doulas and found Dani. My daughter told me about it and A little bit about what she did and what she would do for her during labor. I had no idea though the support and care and love that she would… Read more “Amazing!”

Tanya Noland

I highly recommend her for any type of birth you are hoping to have

After the birth of my first child went very different than how I had hoped, I knew I would need a doula the second time in order to achieve the birth I wanted. My husband was skeptical and didn’t quite understand the benefit of having a doula but after meeting Dani he knew she was a good person to help me get the birth I wanted. There are just so many different directions a birth could go and the nurses and staff at the hospital don’t always make you feel you have a decision. Dani helped me develop a birth… Read more “I highly recommend her for any type of birth you are hoping to have”


She was a crucial part of my birthing team.

From the moment I met Dani, I felt at ease and knew I wanted her as my doula. She was a crucial part of my birthing team. My goal was to have an unmedicated delivery in the hospital and Dani helped me have the delivery I wanted. I could not have done it without her. She taught my husband and myself invaluable tools during a birth class she taught us at our home before delivery, she checked in on me and celebrated little things with me (passing my glucose challenge yay!), she was thorough when discussing my birth wishes. From… Read more “She was a crucial part of my birthing team.”

Laura S

Hiring Dani was the greatest decision EVER!!!!!

I am a first time momma. I went into this thinking I didn’t really need a doula. A family member offered to pay for part of a doula for me. So I agreed. It was THE BEST choice I had ever made picking Dani as my doula. I suffered from weeks and weeks of prodromal labor. Having her there to help me through those contractions helped me prepare for my real Labor Day! With out her I would not have been able to keep calm, relaxed and focused on getting to as far as I could with out the epidural.… Read more “Hiring Dani was the greatest decision EVER!!!!!”

Teisha Y

The best decision I’ve ever made!

Where to even begin… I know I’m gonna get emotional writing this!! Dani has become someone very close to me and special! She was more than a doula, she was an amazing support system! She was constantly answering my many questions and calling me over my many stresses and anxieties! She would congratulate me every week (which really helped me pull through the last weeks as depression and hopeless started kicking in) she was such an amazing person!! Me and my husband where really emotional talking about scheduling our postpartum visit because we have both really clicked with her!! (Yes, my… Read more “The best decision I’ve ever made!”

Emily D

Helped me have the birth I wanted!

I’m so glad I was able to find such an awesome doula to help with the birth of my second daughter! Without Dani there helping me, It would not have gone as smoothly! She helped me have the birth I wanted to have and was supporting me and encouraging me throughout the whole thing! She helped me stay calm through the contractions and helped keep me focus and grounded. I love how she was involved before the birth and really helped me and my husband feel prepared to deliver… Read more “Helped me have the birth I wanted!”

Yasmeen K.

I am very impressed…

I am very impressed with the amount of care and love that Dani shows her clients. She goes above and beyond the typical expectation and will work hard to make sure that each mom gets exactly what she needs. She understands the importance of working as a team and will fight for your rights and care. I’m exacted to work with her and know that my patients who have her as a doula are in good… Read more “I am very impressed…”

James B

Dani was awesome.

Dani was awesome. She was super helpful to me in my pregnancy. More than willing to answer any question. What was particularly wonder that she did for me was she wrote two birth plans for me since my pregnancy was complicated. She looked up my hospital and found out everything they could offer and she patiently explained what all my options were. The end result was a beautiful experience even though it wasn’t my preferred experience. I wouldn’t have known my options at all but I’m so glad she was there to help… Read more “Dani was awesome.”

Katie M

I wish I hired Dani for my birth!!

I wish I hired Dani for my birth!! She has such a calm and caring spirit. A force of positive and encouraging energy. Very relaxed and knowledgeable. I’m so grateful for her addressing my concerns after baby. I learned a great deal and I felt empowered to conquer what was challenging me.… Read more “I wish I hired Dani for my birth!!”

Heather M

Dani is fantastic!

Dani is fantastic! She is one of the most caring and knowledgeable people I know–In my opinion 2 of the top traits needed in a Doula. She is great at educating her clients and their partners, and enabling them make their own informed decisions. She has an evidence-based, hands-on approach and will make sure that you have the birth experience that YOU want. Dani comes highly recommended from… Read more “Dani is fantastic!”

Steven R

Knowledgeable and a great addition to any birth team.

I attended a birth where Dani was the sibling doula and she was amazing with this family’s child! She is very knowledgeable and a great addition to any birth… Read more “Knowledgeable and a great addition to any birth team.”

Charity W

Dani is amazing.

Dani is amazing. I’ve worked with her on a few births and I was so impressed with her care and concern for each of her clients. She genuinely cares about the women and works tirelessly to make sure they have the best experience they can while giving… Read more “Dani is amazing.”

Sarah R

Dani is incredible!

Dani is incredible! She is so well informed and so kind. She made the birth of my daughter into a beautiful experience and helped bring a sweet, calming spirit into the room even when stressful decisions had to be made. She was so easy to work with and never made me feel badly in the least for having a last minute induction even though she was away from her kids on Halloween. She is wonderful and we love Mind Over… Read more “Dani is incredible!”

Larkin G
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