I highly recommend her for any type of birth you are hoping to have

After the birth of my first child went very different than how I had hoped, I knew I would need a doula the second time in order to achieve the birth I wanted. My husband was skeptical and didn’t quite understand the benefit of having a doula but after meeting Dani he knew she was a good person to help me get the birth I wanted. There are just so many different directions a birth could go and the nurses and staff at the hospital don’t always make you feel you have a decision. Dani helped me develop a birth plan so that we were prepared when facing the different decisions that I would possibly have to make during birth, and then she made sure hospital staff followed that plan. I had a birth plan with my first birth but it wasn’t followed at all, but I know if I had Dani at my first birth she would have made sure it was followed like she did with my second. She also communicated my wishes with staff in a respectful manner where I felt the staff were supportive of my wishes and not trying to pressure me into anything or question any of my decisions. Aside from all that, this birth started similarly to how it did with my first, so I was panicking at first that it was going to go exactly how it did with my first, but once we called Dani, she put my mind at ease and I was able to relax and ended up with the birth I hoped for. I highly recommend her for any type of birth you are hoping to have whether it be medicated or not, as there are so many turns it can take and she will help you have the best birth possible. Thank you Dani!