I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dani!

I cannot say enough wonderful things about Dani! Both my husband and I had been skeptic to hire a doula, but research during my pregnancy lead me to believe that a doula would help me have the birth experience I wanted.  Fortunately, Dani had an opening for me, despite the fact that I was only a couple of weeks away from my due date. I’ll forever be grateful she did! Dani was personable, professional, compassionate and kind. She was easy to talk to, and genuinely fun to be around. During labor she anticipated needs I didn’t know I had and answered questions I didn’t think to ask.  She made the labor portion of my son’s delivery enjoyable, and hours that I really cherish.  Unfortunately, my optimistic world came crashing down and I didn’t get the birth I’d hoped for.  When things fell apart, she helped me pick up the pieces.  She was there for my husband when I was whisked off to the OR, and there to explain things to him when I woke up disoriented and in intense pain.  When I couldn’t physically hold my son to feed him, she held him up to me and taught him how to latch.  When everything was over, I didn’t want her to leave!  She helped both my husband and I feel empowered and heard, even when things were hard. I would hands down, 100%, hire her again.