Dani is the real MVP!

Dani is the real MVP! I was anti-doula when we had our first kid. I didn’t really know what a doula was and I didn’t like the idea of a stranger going a long the journey with us. I thought that a nurse was sufficient. With our second kid, I felt like I would be that much more experienced the 2nd time around. I also didn’t understand the value of what someone else could bring since we had taken a few classes, and I personally was an athletic coach as my profession. I felt like I could do everything a doula could. Nevertheless, my wife felt differently, and I promised my wife a doula for our second child but that I had to approve of her. We met with Dani and I was instantly sold. She answered all of our questions and she didn’t have her own agenda. It was really about our experience. As the spouse, I felt like she helped me just as much as my wife. For all the husbands out there. HIRE HER! She makes your job that much easier. I felt so much safer knowing that she was there with us. I realized all the mistakes the first time around after this experience. If we have another kid, she will be our first call. One of the best choices we have EVER made. Thanks so much Dani!