She was a crucial part of my birthing team.

From the moment I met Dani, I felt at ease and knew I wanted her as my doula. She was a crucial part of my birthing team. My goal was to have an unmedicated delivery in the hospital and Dani helped me have the delivery I wanted. I could not have done it without her.

She taught my husband and myself invaluable tools during a birth class she taught us at our home before delivery, she checked in on me and celebrated little things with me (passing my glucose challenge yay!), she was thorough when discussing my birth wishes. From the start, Dani made me feel confident and capable of handling labor, however that happened.

At times during my labor when I would start to flounder, she would say the perfect thing to bring me back into the right head space. When my baby was malpositioned and causing me back labor, she utilized the rebozo with my nurse and it got baby into a better position. She took special snapshots for me throughout labor that captured beautiful moments between my husband and I. She helped my husband have the tools to help me labor unmedicated and having her with us decreased his anxiety. Dani was so in tune with me and worked so well with my medical team. Her presence was so calming and her words were empowering.

I highly recommend Dani as a doula. She helped make my birth beautiful & positive & wonderful. I am beyond grateful for her!