To The Woman Whose Baby Is Due

You’ve waited months and months, and the time is finally here: your baby is due, and will be in your arms any day now.

You have done your homework! You have carefully selected a supportive provider, whom you trust to help you deliver your baby with respect and care. You have chosen support people who will be your strength while you labor through the transforming fire of birth. You have learned about your body, birth, and how to help it along. You have read, researched, and practiced.

You are ready.

Now, there is one task left for you.

Now is the time to trust in your body’s ability to birth your baby. Trust that the same amazing elements which directed the conception and development of your baby within you will guide your baby safely out and into your loving arms.

Trust that your baby will direct the timing of your labor when its lungs are fully developed. Trust that your baby, who has listened to your voice, your heartbeat and the sounds that surround you, will know just how to turn and fold to fit perfectly through your pelvis.

Trust your team to take care of you. Your medical staff, who has trained and practiced for this day, will be alert to your well being and your baby’s safety. Your partner, doula and other support people will understand your needs, and handle you with nurturing awe. Let them guide you through this process, reminding you of your strength and capability. You are a warrior.

Breathe deeply, and trust.
Trust your body.
Trust your baby.
Trust your team.